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Are You New to Ice Skating?

Beginner level group lessons are recommended for those who have had little to no prior professional ice skating instruction. 

Beginner level group lessons are called "Tot 1 and 2" for ages 4-6 and
"Pre Alpha" for ages 7–13 and 14 and up.


Gamma, Delta and Freestyle 1-6 

lessons for intermediate and advanced.

10-Week Program including:

  • Ten 30-minute lessons
  • Ten practice sessions
  • Free skate and helmet rental

​​Only $235*

Hockey Clinic - $205

Register now for our Fall session

We offer hockey clinic for ages 7–13, and 14 & up. Students will learn various skills including footwork, stick handling, and gameplay situations. 

Hockey Clinic includes:

  • Five 45-minute lessons, once a week
  • Five practice sessions good at any of our public ice skating sessions
  • Skate rental for your lessons and practice sessions

Prerequisite: Students must have completed all skating levels ​Tot 1 and 2, or Pre Alpha through Beta. 

Required equipment: Helmet (full face mask), elbow pads, hockey gloves, ​shin guards/pads, chest pads, stick, athletic supporter​​.


*Weekday group lesson prices. Weekend group lessons are slightly higher.

Register now for our Fall session

This group lesson is for ages 3–5 years old and includes activities to help build their confidence and social skills, skating skills for beginners and developing balance. The class includes on-ice and off-ice instruction, games, and stories.


  • 3–5 years old 
  • beginner skaters with little to no skating experience


  • Five 60-minute lessons
  • Five practice sessions
  • Free skate and helmet rental

Group Lesson Student Pro Shop Discount

Students who are currently enrolled in our group lesson program during the time of purchase in the Pro Shop can receive a $5–$15 discount on select ice skates in the Pro Shop.

For more information, visit our Pro Shop today.

Each class is a progression to develop a student's ice skating skills and maneuvers. Skaters must successfully complete the current level to move on to the next class level.​​ Fairfax Ice Arena group lessons is a national sanctioned program by the Ice Sports Industry (ISI). ​​​

View the class schedule and create an account/login to register online. 

SK8, Play, & Learn: For Young Beginner Skaters - $100

Learn to Play Hockey​

Begin with learning basic skating skills (Prealpha, Alpha and Beta levels) in our group lessons and then take our hockey clinic session for ages 7–13, and 14 & up.

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(703) 323-1132

Fairfax Ice Arena offers year-round group ice skating lessons for:

  • adults, teens and children ages 4 & up
  • beginners to advanced level skaters

Taking a group ice skating lesson is a great way for skaters to learn ice skating safety, skills, and maneuvers.

Group Lessons 


Tot 1 and 2, Tot 3 and 4, Tot 5, Prealpha, Alpha and Beta lessons for beginner and novice skater.

7-Week Program including:

  • Seven 30-minute lessons
  • Seven practice sessions
  • Free skate and helmet rental

​Only $164*