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Take the next step in your skating journey. Fairfax Ice Arena holds its annual I.S.I. competition in May. Competition offers skaters the opportunity to learn choreography, the spirit of competition, showmanship, and great sportsmanship. The competition is platform for skaters to showcase their skating skills and growth, and introduce them to competitive skating. 


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Spring I.S.I. Competition

The application is due April 1

The competition will be held on Saturday and Sunday, May 4-5, 2024

A competition is a great experience for a skater to showcase their skills and get feedback on their skating. By engaging with peers in a competitive environment, skaters develop lifelong skills like competitive spirit, cooperation and resilience which hold value both on the ice and off. Our annual spring I.S.I. competition is held on the first weekend of May with applications due on April 1. All levels and ages are welcome. 

  • Looking for more practice time where you can play your music and practice your program safely? See the lesson office about Competition Practice Sessions. These sessions are available to skaters who are registered for the 2024 Spring ISI Competition. 
  • Competition schedule: The schedule will be made available online, at the latest, one week before competition with possible scheduling changes on the day of events. We encourage all participants to check for any updates to the schedule online a day before your event.

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