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Be informed in case of inclement weather

We post group lesson and other event cancellations at the top of the home page of our website. Fairfax Ice Arena does NOT follow any school or federal office weather-cancellations and holidays.

Group Lesson Packages
​​*Weekday group lesson prices. Weekend group lessons are slightly higher.​  Please read our policies and FAQs before registering for our group lessons.

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Sk8, Play, & Learn ​​

This 5-week, 60 minute program is for skaters ages 3-5 years old. Class includes ice breaker activities to build confidence and social skills, skating skills for beginners and developing balance, and off-ice games and stories. Call the Lesson Office today at (703) 323-1132 for more information and to register

What's included:

  • Five, 60-minute lessons on and off the ice
  • Five practice sessions 
  • ​Free skate and helmet rental​​

Take the next step to showcase what you have learned in group lessons by participating in our camps, shows, and annual I.S.I. competition in May. These programs are a great opportunity for skaters at all levels to demonstrate their mastery of ice skating fundamentals. They learn choreography, and group or solo ice skating programs. Skaters will also learn the spirit of competition, showmanship, sportsmanship, and teamwork, and be able to showcase their skating skills and growth.

Register now:

  • ​Summer Ice Skating Camps, July 8–12, and July 22–26
  • Summer I.S.I. Camp, August 12-16

Group lesson holidays are dates when Fairfax Ice Arena does not hold our regularly scheduled group lessons. These holiday dates are scheduled into your group lesson dates and do not impact the number of classes you are registered for, such as a 7-week group lesson program or a 10-week group lesson program. Please note that Fairfax Ice Arena does not follow any county school and federal holiday schedules for our group lessons. 

No group lessons will be held on the following dates:

  • Sunday (hockey clinic): March 31, May 5
  • Monday:  January 1 and 15; February 19; March 25; May 27
  • Tuesday: March 26
  • Wednesday: March 27
  • Thursday: March 28
  • Saturday: March 30; May 4

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Enroll today in our group ice skating lesson program. You will learn the fundamentals of ice skating to progress into more specific skating disciplines and a wide variety of skating opportunities.

Each class level is a progression to develop a student's foundational skating skills. Skaters must successfully complete the current level to move on to the next class level.​​ Fairfax Ice Arena group lesson program is a national sanctioned program by the Ice Sports Industry (ISI). ​​​

Fairfax Ice Arena offers group ice skating lessons all year for:

  • adults, teens, and children ages 4 years old & up
  • beginners to advanced level skaters

Classes are grouped based on age, (4-6, 7-13, and 14 & up) and skill level. We offer group lesson schedules on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday during our winter, spring and fall seasons. In our summer season, we offer group lesson schedules on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Group Lesson Holidays 

Virginia Ice Skating Academy - Accelerated Training for Gamma through Freestyles 4

Take Ice Skating Lessons ​

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Freestyle Session

Are public skate sessions too busy for you to practice your edges, footwork, jumps and spins? Are you currently in a group lesson level Gamma and up? Practice during a Freestyle Session, ice time that are level-specific and limited to 25 or less skaters on the ice. Freestyle sessions are a great way to have your private lesson and to practice your jumps, spins and program. Learn more about freestyle sessions from your group lesson or private lesson coach and at the lesson office. 

​10-Week Program 


For skaters in intermediate and advance levels

Intermediate: Gamma, Delta, Freestyle 1–4
Advanced:​ Freestyle 5–6 

Package include:

  • Ten 30-minute lessons which are held once a week for 10 weeks.
  • Ten practice sessions which is a card for 10 public ice skating admissions and skate rentals for the student to practice on their own. You receive the card at check-in on your first day of class.
  • Free skate rental included for use during purchased class time only

Register now for summer group lessons, academy, camps, and ice shows.​​

Does your skater want to increase their training or to experience what it might be like if they decide to train like a competitive figure skater? The Virginia Ice Skating Academy is great for skaters advancing to higher levels. The increased training and practice on and off the ice will help your skater to achieve advanced maneuvers and to strengthen their basic foundational skating skills. Fairfax Ice Arena offers our talented young skaters ages 4-9 an affordable, comprehensive package of on and off ice group lessons in a small setting, and practice to help them accelerate their training and transition from recreational to more advanced, competitive figure skating.

​7-Week Program


For skaters in beginner and novice levels
Tot 1/2, Tot 3/4, Tot 5, and Prealpha 
Novice: Alpha and Beta

 Package includes:

  • Seven 30-minute lessons which are held once a week for seven weeks. 
  • Seven practice sessions which is a card for seven public ice skating admissions and skate rentals for the student to practice on their own. You receive the card at check-in on your first day of class.
  • Free skate rental included for use during purchased class time only

Additional Skating Programs

Are You New to Ice Skating?
Beginner level group lessons are recommended for those who have had little to no prior professional ice skating instruction. Beginner level group lessons are called "Tot 1/2" for ages 4-6 and "Pre Alpha" for ages 7–13 and 14 and up.​​

Private Lesson

A private lesson is a great way to get additional coaching on the skills that you are learning in our group lessons. It is also for individuals who want to take their skate training to the next level and want to commit to mastering figure skating skills and pursue competitive figure skating. 

All private lessons at Fairfax Ice Arena are taught by designated Fairfax Ice Arena coaches only. Private lessons are held during public ice skating sessions and freestyle sessions for high-level figure skaters. Be sure to check our most up-to-date schedules for public ice skating and freestyle sessions. Private lessons can not be accommodated outside of these times. 

To schedule your first private lesson with our instructors, please call the lesson office at (703) 323-1132 to make your private lesson request. We will follow up with you in two weeks (minimum). 

Camps, Shows and Competition