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Register at the lesson office or call them at (703) 323-1132. Classes must have a minimum of 2 students enrolled in the class for the class to start, otherwise it is canceled. Very limited spots available. Classes take 2-5 students only.

Policies: There are no make-ups, refunds, or credits issued for any missed academy activities. There is a $75 cancellation fee.

Visit the lesson office for more details.

(703) 323-1132

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3779 Pickett Rd.
Fairfax, VA 22031

Virginia Ice Skating Academy
Accelerated Training Program

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This summer train with Team USA International Bronze Medalist and Disney on Ice Principal Performer TJ Yang, and Japan National Championship Competitor and Disney on Ice Principal Performer Keiko Kano.

JULY 2024

$240 - Gamma: July 8 – July 30
meets on Mondays and Tuesdays
: Beta, ages 4-9
ON-ICE Monday 6:40-7:10PM 7/8-7/29 TJ Yang (4 weeks)
ON-ICE Tuesday 6:40-7:10PM 7/9-7/30 TJ Yang (4 weeks)
OFF-ICE Tuesday 7:20-7:40PM 7/9-7/30 TJ Yang (4 weeks)

$240 - Delta: July 8 – August 3
meets on Mondays and Saturdays
: Gamma, ages 4-9
ON-ICE Monday 7:15-7:45PM 7/8-7/29 TJ Yang (4 weeks)
OFF-ICE Saturday 10:05-10:25AM 7/13-8/3 Keiko Kano (4 weeks)
ON-ICE Saturday 10:40-11:10AM 7/13-8/3 Keiko Kano (4 weeks)

$240 - Freestyle 2: July 11 – August 3
meets on Thursdays and Saturdays
: Freestyle 1, ages 4-9
ON-ICE Thursday 6:40-7:10PM 7/11-8/1 Keiko Kano (4 weeks)
OFF-ICE Thursday 7:20-7:40PM 7/11-8/1 Keiko Kano (4 weeks)
ON-ICE Saturday 11:15-11:45AM 7/13-8/3 Keiko Kano (4 weeks)

Virginia Ice Skating Academy

For more than 50 years, Fairfax Ice Arena has been dedicated to the development of talented skaters. Through its Virginia Ice Skating Academy, our premier accelerated ice skating training program, we offer an affordable and comprehensive package to help talented young skaters increase their training, and transition from recreational ice skating to advanced, competitive figure skating.

It is critical for skaters looking to advance towards being a show or competitive figure skater, to learn and build great, basic foundational skating skills such as three-turns,edges, spins, jumps, and step sequences. The mastery of these skills requires an increase in both training, and practice on and off the ice.