Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do on the first day of group lessons?
We recommend getting to the ice rink at least 15-20 minutes before your scheduled group lesson. When you arrive, check-in at the lessons office to receive your name tag, practice card and where to meet your coach in the lobby. Then get your skate rental and helmets at the skate rental counter.

We ask that parents, especially parents of young,  beginner level skaters, to please stay in the lobby for at least the first 10 minutes of the class so our staff can go over practice sessions. We discourage interrupting coaches and students during their lessons.
For the second class on, students should proceed to get their skate rentals and helmet from the skate rental counter and meet their coach on the ice. 

What should I wear to class?
Wear warm, comfortable clothing, socks, gloves and a jacket. Dressing in layers is recommended. We have helmets available at the skate rental desk, but students may bring their own helmets. Knee and elbow pads without an outer plastic shell is recommended. Wear thin or medium weight sock for optimal rental skate fit. 

What is included with the group lessons?

Depending on your skating level, classes consist of 7 or 10 30-minute lessons, 7 or 10 practice sessions good at any of our public skate sessions and skate rental for your lessons and practice sessions.

​When are group lessons held?
​Group lessons are held Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays. Hockey clinic classes are  held on Sundays. Create a new account and login to view the current lessons schedule and register. ​When creating a new account, medical insurance information is not required.

What level should I sign-up for?
​Group lessons are divided into age groups (4–6 year olds, 7–13 year olds, and 14 & up) and levels. Levels begin at Tot 1/2 for ages 4–6, and Prealpha for ages 7–13, and 14 & up. If you are unsure of which level to register for, please contact us.

​How do I know if I graduated a level and what level I should go to next?
Students are graded individually at the end of each group lesson series. Each student receives a graded test sheet and their achievements are recognized and recorded nationally. ISI badges are available for an additional fee. 

What are practice sessions and how do I use it?​
Practice sessions are an excellent benefit for the students in our group lessons. These practice sessions are provided in addition to group lessons to give the students time to practice what they have learned on their own before their exam on the last day of the group lesson series. 

Students currently enrolled in a group lesson are issued a practice card on the first day of their class which can be picked up at the Lessons office. To use the card during a public skating session, present it at the box office to receive admission and then present it at the skate rental counter to receive skate rentals. Students who have forgotten their card and are not able to present it at the box office must pay for admission and skate rental. Practice cards expire on the last day of class for the student. 

If you have used up your practice card and would like to attend more public skate sessions, you must pay for admission and skate rental. You may also purchase our discount skating card at the box office during public skate hours. The discount skating card is good to use for 10 admissions at any of our public skating sessions and does not include skate rental. 

Solo                 $30 ($20 if soloist is in a group number)*
Freestyle 4 and above may register to perform a solo. Please submit your song at the Lessons Office.

*Please consult with your instructor about costume fees

SK8, Play & Learn        $100


Saturday8:55 a.m.All Ages​Freestyle 4–6
October 26
Saturday4:40 p.m.Ages 4–6Tot 3/4, Tot 5, AlphaOctober 26
Saturday4:40 p.m.Ages 6–13Alpha–DeltaOctober 26
Saturday4:40 p.m.Ages 6–13Freestyle 1 and aboveOctober 26
Monday6:45 p.m.Ages 4–8Freestyle 1 and aboveOctober 28
Tuesday7:50 p.m.Ages 6–13Freestyle 1 and aboveOctober 29
Tuesday7:50 p.m.Ages 14 and upGamma, Delta, Freestyle and aboveOctober 29
Wednesday7:50 p.m.Ages 6–13Alpha–DeltaOctober 30
Wednesday7:50 p.m.Ages 7–13USFSA Freestyle 6 and aboveOctober 30

*Weekday group lesson prices. Weekend group lessons are slightly higher.

Private Lesson Request Form

(703) 323-1132

​​​Hockey Clinic
​Cost: $185
​Seven 45-minute lessons, once a week
7 practice sessions good at any of our public sessions
skate rental for your lessons and practice sessions

Required equipment: Helmet (full face mask), elbow pads, hockey gloves, ​shin guards, stick, athletic supporter​​.

This class is for ages 3–5 and includes activities to build confidence, social skills, balance and off-ice games and stories. Register online today.

What's included:
Five 60-minute lessons
Five practice sessions
​Free skate and helmet rental​


Tuition + Refund

​Tuition for the group lessons and hockey clinic must be paid in advance to ensure a space in the class. At least two weeks advanced registration is recommended. 

There are no refunds issued after the second class has been taken. Refund issued after one class has been taken is the cost of the first class taken and a $25 service charge. Customers must return their practice card.

One make-up class is allowed per 7 or 10 week series of group lessons only. The make-up class must be done before the last day of your current class series and are based on availability.  There is no make-up for hockey clinic classes.

Credits or refunds are not given for missed classes. You must miss your class first before scheduling a make-up class with the Lessons office.

Private Lessons

A private lesson is a great way to get additional practice on the skills that you're learning in group lessons. To schedule your first private lesson with a professional instructor, please fill out the private lesson request form below. 

Private lessons are held during our public skate and freestyle sessions. The student is responsible for payment of the ice time (public or freestyle session) before getting on the ice to have your lesson. The price of the private lesson does not include the cost of the public or freestyle session.

​Please remember that many instructors may already have full schedules, especially during the winter months and leading up to our annual I.S.I. Competition in May. Please select as many days and times that you're available.

Ice Skating Club           $25
The ice skating club is for skaters ages 4–6, currently enrolled in our group lessons, levels Tot 1/2 through Alpha. The classes are held during public session and students enrolled in the Ice Skating Club must use their practice card to be admitted into the class.

What's included:
Four 30-minute supervised practices
Your own skates for $49 (valued at $75)

Register today at the Lesson Office. Ice skating club is not available for online registration.

Make Your Own Group Lesson

Cost: $79 per student​

Bring your group (friends, church groups, scouts, social groups) and take our special 4 week lesson course. Groups must be eight or more. Contact us to schedule in advance. 

Lessons include

  • Four 30-minute lessons
  • Four  practice sessions good at any of our public sessions
  • Skate rental

Special Classes 

Winter Holiday Ice Show 

​Ice show: Friday, December 13, 7:00 p.m.
​Dress rehearsal: Friday, December 13, 6:30 p.m.–6:50 p.m.

Join the annual Winter Holiday Ice Show. It's a great opportunity to kick-off the holiday season and for skaters to learn a skating program, team work and performance skills, while showcasing their skating skills. 

Group show     $110*

6, 30-minute group rehearsal times
For Tot 3/4 through Freestyle

Hockey Program

We offer hockey clinic for ages 7–13, and 14 & up. Students must be able to complete all skating skills from
​Tot 1/2 / Prealpha through Beta.

Group Lessons

There is something for everyone in our ice skating group lessons program. Fairfax Ice Arena offers year-round figure skating group lessons for adults, teens and children, beginner to advanced levels. 

Each class is a progression to develop a student's skating skills. Skaters must successfully complete the current level before they can graduate to the next class level.​​ Fairfax Ice Arena group lessons is a national sanctioned program by the Ice Sports Industry (ISI). ​​

Create an account/login to view the current schedule and register online today.