How to Sign-Up Online

If you would like to sign up for a freestyle session(s), follow the directions below:

  • Login or create your new profile.  If you haven’t created a profile use “New to our site.”  

  • Once you login, go to the “online store tab” to purchase a “credit package” to pay for the freestyle session(s) that you would like to skate. 

  • Purchase your credit package based on how much you will skate.  

  • Once you purchase your credit package, go to the “Freestyle Sessions” tab to sign up for the sessions you would like to skate.  

Specialty Program

This summer we will be offering specialty sessions including jumps, stroking and footwork. These sessions will be taught by staff coaches who have expertise in these areas. Each session will offer a unique opportunity for skaters of all levels to focus on improving their technical skills.

We have provided first-rate coaching and figure skating programs to the Northern Virginia / Washington, DC area for nearly 50 years. We have many freestyle sessions, high performance specialty sessions, off-ice conditioning, and additional tools such as jumping harnesses to offer competitive skaters and aid them in their development.            


Freestyle sessions are held Mondays – Fridays for figure skaters in level Beta and higher. We are currently in our 2019 Summer Training Center freestyle session schedule. 

2019 Summer Training Center: June 17 – August 9


The following are the credit packages and session credit rates for the 2019 Summer Training Center freestyle session schedule.


Payment must be made online in advance before the skater goes on the ice. Fairfax Ice Arena monitors the sessions to ensure that the skaters on the session are registered. Skaters who go on the ice during a session and are not registered will be charged an additional service fee of 3 credits for the violation. Fairfax Ice Arena reserves the right to ask skaters who are on the ice and are not registered for the session to leave and or to charge them the additional 3 credit service fee for the violation. 

Skaters must cancel 48 hours in advance or lose their credits. Payment of the session does not include the price of a private lesson. All payments for private lessons must go through our payment system, a commission will be deducted before payments are remitted. 

Policies are subject to change. 


We offer five different sessions for the 2019 Summer Training Center schedule. Levels are defined as what level you will be competing at in the upcoming season. Instructor approval is required.

B.Low: Beta – Freestyle 6
Mix: Freestyle 1 and up
Med: No test (lutz and up)

Med/High: Consistent axel and up
High: Qualifying Juvenile and up
Special: We will be offering specialty sessions including Jumps, Stroking and Footwork

​No moves or dance allowed on Med/High and High sessions.
The schedule will change slightly July 29 – August 2, afternoon only



(703) 323-1132


Awards will be given at the end of the nine-week program for most improved skater, best sportsmanship, and best work ethic. Awards will be divided by age group.

3779 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031

Test Sessions

Freestyle and Field Moves tests up to the Gold Test will be provided on Sunday, August 11, 7:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Due to limited space, it is recommended to sign up early. Dates are subject to change.

Credit Packages                                                                                      Session Credit Rates

  40 credits  = $110 ($2.75 per credit)                                                       60 minute session  = 6 credits
​  80 credits  = $188 ($2.35 per credit)                                                       50 minute session  = 6 credits
120 credits  = $270 ($2.25 per credit)                                                       40 minute session  = 5 credits
180 credits  = $369 ($2.05 per credit)                                                       30 minute session  = 4 credits

                                                                                                                                                        20 minute session  = 3 credits

Summer Special Discount Rate                                                             Specialty session with coaching  = 6 credits

The Summer special discount rate expires September 1, 2019.              Stroking session with coaching   = 5 credits

220 credits  = $418 ($1.90 per credit)