3779 Pickett Rd., Fairfax, VA 22031

(703) 323-1132

​Fairfax Ice Arena and its ProShop will be
closed for maintenance on August 22–26

Are you attending your first day of our group ice skating lessons? 

Welcome to Fairfax Ice Arena. ​​​​​Below is information to help you make the most of your group ice skating lessons.

Do I receive a confirmation?
Your receipt of purchase for your group lesson registration is your confirmation.  If you did not receive a receipt when you registered, you can 
log on to you account and see your transaction receipt online: go to "my page" > "my activities."  You can also get a reprint of your receipt. Please see us at the Lesson Office or call us at (703) 323-1132.

Once you have confirmed your registration receipt, plan to come to the rink on your group lesson start date at least 15-20 minutes before your group lesson start time.​ ​​​

​What to wear:

  • ​Face masks must be worn properly on and off the ice for our guests who have not been fully vaccinated. Face masks are optional for guests who have been fully vaccinated.
  • ​We recommend dressing in layers and wearing clothing that are easy to move in and keeps you dry (snow pants are great for beginners). Students in beginner classes do spend some time sitting and kneeling on the ice, and touching the ice.
  • Thin or medium weight long socks. Thick, heavy socks cause your feet to sweat. Sweaty feet will freeze and get cold more quickly than dry feet. You want to skate with socks that will help circulate air in the skates and keep your feet dry. The thickness of your socks will also affect the size of your ice skate rentals. HOT TIP: Be consistent with your socks so you are not having to try on different skate rental sizes before your class.
  • Gloves
  • jacket
  • We strongly recommend wearing a helmet and protective gear for beginners. We provide free helmet rentals for adults, teens and kids. You may bring your own helmets, and knee and elbow pads without an outer plastic shell. 

What to bring:

These items are nice to have on hand should any incidents occur.

  • Jackets for those who are watching the student skate during their class. The rink area does get cold if you are standing still.
  • Extra set of clothes, gloves and socks for the skater
  • A towel
  • Tissues
  • Water bottle


Ice skate rentals are included and are available for your use during your group lesson. Let the staff at the skate rental counter know your shoe size.

  • Skate fit is important and critical to a safe and successful skate: Skates come in full sizes only. You will need to get skates that are a half to a few sizes smaller than your shoe size. Skates should fit snug and tied all the way and tied tightly enough so that your ankle is supported.
  • Example: if you wear a size 6 in shoes, you will be handed a size 5 skate rental. If you wear a size 6.5 in shoes, you will be handed a size 6 in skate rental.
  • If you have your ice skates on and are finding it difficult to walk in them while you are in the lobby area, you will need to ask for a different pair. Simply return the ice skate rental you have and trade them for a different ice skate rental. Let the staff at the skate rental counter know what was wrong with the pair that you are returning so they can better assess your needs.
  • HOT TIP: if there are a pair of ice skate rentals that you like skating with, there is a number on the sole of each pair of skate rentals. You can ask for this number and if they are available, you can get the same pair to skate with for your class.

Arrive 15–20 minutes before class time. Check-in at the lessons office.

​​Attend Orientation: Parents, guardians and caretakers of new Fairfax Ice Arena students and students in beginner classes must attend a quick orientation with staff during the first 10–15 minutes of their students' first day of class. 

Claim your practice card: Practice cards are public skate admissions and skate rentals that are included with your current purchase of group lessons. Practice cards are issued on the first day of class and can be picked up at the Lesson Office. Skaters and or parents, guardians and caretakers of students are responsible for their practice cards. 


  • Do not interrupt or distract group lessons, coaches, and students who are in class session on and off the ice.

  • Do not stand at the entrance doors to the ice rink. For your safety and the safety of skaters who are getting on and off the ice, keep the entrance pathways to the ice rink clear.
  • Do not walk or stand on the ice without any ice skates.
  • Only currently registered students taking their group lessons, coaches and managers are allowed on the ice during their group lesson time.
  • No flash photography and camera tripods are allowed. ​
  • No large items allowed such as a personal folding chairs.