​​​Dress rehearsal: December 17, 5:15 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Show:December 17, 6:15 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Our winter holiday ice show is held in December with classes to learn and practice for the ice show group performances beginning in late October. It's a great way for families and skaters to kick-off the winter holiday season. Skaters will showcase their skating skills, and learn performance skills, teamwork and choreography.  All participants must be available for the dress rehearsal and show date and time. Space is limited.

  • ​Group Number Classes - $125 per person (30 minute class once a week for 6 weeks)
    Prerequisite: passed Tot 3/4 through Freestyle 3

    Skaters who have passed Tot 3/4 through Freestyle 3 can enroll in our holiday show group number classes to participate in the show. Register for the last level you have passed within the past 6 months. Skaters who have not skated or taken a lesson more than 6 months before October 29 should see the lesson office. Skaters will learn a group number and perform it during the winter holiday ice show

  • Solos / Small Group Performances $40 per person ($20 per person if you are enrolled in the holiday show group number class)
    Prerequisite: passed Freestyle 4

    Skaters who have passed Freestyle 4 and up can perform a solo or a small group program of 2-8 skaters. Submit the following information upon payment: your music, level, coach, and the length of time for your program.

  • ​Additional costs:
    Costume fees varies. Please consult your instructor. 
    Solo / Small Group performances will require costume fees and
    private lessons for a coach to create a program with you and to help you learn and practice your program.

Credits / Refunds
Credits and refund requests must be submitted to lessons@fairfaxicearena.com. 

There are no credits or refunds on and after October 29, 2022 for solos / small group performances, group number classes, missed group number classes, and missed dress rehearsal and show. 

Requests submitted to lessons@fairfaxiearena.com on or before October 22, 2022, will be issued a REFUND back on their credit card or issued a check if paid by cash:

  • the refund is the cost of the group number class minus a $25 refund fee or
  • the refund is the cost solos / small group performances minus a $8 refund fee

Requests submitted to lessons@fairfaxiearena.com on October 23 – October 28, 2022 will be issued a CREDIT on their Fairfax Ice Arena account for future purchases. Credits are valid for up to one year on the date it was issued:

  • the credit is the cost of the group number class minus a $25 refund fee or
  • the credit is the cost solos / small group performances minus a $8 refund fee

The 2023 Spring Break Camp information will be available early 2023. Spring Break Camp are held during the Fairfax County Public School Spring Break dates.

The annual Spring Break Skating Camp is for kids ages 4–6 and 7–13 in beginner to freestyle 3 levels. The camp will provide lunch, skate and helmet rental, and includes supervised practice skating during our public ice skating session, off ice fitness and games, on ice skating instruction and games.

Winter Holiday Ice Show - Register Now 


Summer Ice Skating Camp

More information will be available in the Spring.

Fairfax Ice Arena is offering two one-week Summer Ice Skating Camps. Register for one week or both weeks. The camp is for kids ages 4-13 who are beginner through Freestyle 3 levels. Price includes ice time, instruction, supervision, skate and helmet rental during camp, T-shirt and lunch.

Beginner levels are called Tot 1/2 for kids ages 4-6, and Prealpha for kids ages 7-13.
​Beginner level is recommended for those who have had little to no professional instruction.

Kids Magical Movie Moments​​

More information will be available in the Spring.

This eight-week program is for skating levels Tot 5, Alpha and Beta, ages 4–6, and Beta through Freestyle 1, ages 7–13. Each skater will skate a solo to their favorite movie song.​​ Classes meet once a week.

Fairfax Ice Arena Annual Spring I.S.I. Competition

Rock N' Roll Extravaganza ​​​

More information will be available in the Spring.

This eight-week program is for students ages 7–13, skating levels Beta through Freestyle 6. 
​Each skater will skate a solo to rock n' roll music from the 1950s-2000s.​​ Classes meet once a week.

  • Earn Your Freestyle Badge
    Students who have taken Freestyle Group lessons completed the maneuvers of section of their tests and have registered for the next higher level. However, you can not receive your ISI freestyle badge until you complete the program section of your test. During this camp, your instructor will be able to test you for the program section of your test so that you can qualify to purchase the freestyle badge.


On Monday, October 10

group lessons will be held

we will have one holiday public skate session at 11:15 AM – 4:45 PM

holiday public session admission rates apply

Location: ​3779 Pickett Rd., Fairfax, VA 22031

Contact: ​(703) 323-1132





Fairfax Ice Arena offers figure skating camps in the spring and summer, a winter show, and an annual I.S.I. competition in May. These programs are a great opportunity for skaters at all levels to learn choreography, and group and solo skating programs. Skaters will also learn the spirit of competition, showmanship, sportsmanship, and teamwork, and be able to showcase their skating skills and growth.

​​​Our Spring I.S.I. Competition is held during the first weekend of May. Applications to participate in the 2023 competition will be available late in the winter season. The application deadline is at the end of March.

From beginner to freestyle level skaters ages 4–13, we have a summer camp for you.

Image: logo Fairfax Ice Arena

I.S.I. Summer Skating Camp

More information will be available in the Spring.

The I.S.I. Summer Skating Camp is a full week of concentrated ice skatingfor ages 4–13 in Tot 3/4–Freestyle 6 levels. You will receive instruction in the following areas: program, stroking, ice show, maneuvers and an introduction to field moves/edge work. Skaters must be 4-13 years old during the camp dates. 

Image: Medallion Fairfax Ice Arena: Celebrating 50 years. Established on March 1973