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Skating Lessons


Tots 1/2 and Pre-Alpha lessons for the beginner who has never been on the ice before.

7-Week Program including:

  • Seven 30-minute lessons
  • Seven Practice sessions
  • FREE skate rental
Only $136*

Alpha-Delta lessons for the novice and intermediate skater.


8-Week Program including:

  • Eight 30-minute lessons
  • Eight Practice sessions
  • FREE skate rental
Only $146*

Lessons for the freestyle skater.

11-Week Program including:

  • Eleven 30-minute lessons
  • Eleven Practice sessions
  • FREE skate rental
Only $223*



Depending on your skating level, classes consist of 7 or 8 one-half hour lessons, 7 or 8 practice sessions (good at any of our public sessions) and skate rental for your lessons and practice sessions. (11-week classes for Freestyle 1 and up.)

Click here for the descriptions of class levels.


Our lessons are for ages 4-6, 7-13, and 14 and older. Lesson days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday or Saturday. Lessons are scheduled mornings, afternoons and evenings according to ability level and age considerations.



Please see our Coaching Staff page.

Register now for classes at lesson office . . .

  • Tuition must be paid in advance to assure a space in the class; 7 days advanced registration is recommended
  • $3.00 discount — 2 week early registration
  • $5.00 late fee if register on day of lesson
  • $25 service charge for refunds (refunds only issued after 1st class)
  • Class size is limited from 5 to 15 students


Make Your Own Group Lesson

Groups of 8 or More… • Private • Parties • Scouts • Church • Social Groups • Clubs

Bring your group (friends, church groups, scouts) and take our special 4-week lesson course:

  • Four 30-minute lessons
  • Four practice sessions
  • Skate Rental INCLUDED

$75.00 per student